The Emory
Resident Qualification Acknowledgement

Before you apply to rent a home at this community, please review this list of requirements we use to qualify Applicants for residency.  Each person aged 18 or older who will live in the apartment home must submit a rental application and satisfy these requirements.  Each leaseholder must be at least 18 years of age and is fully (jointly and severally) responsible for all lease obligations including rent payments.  The term “Applicant(s)” under these criteria means the person or persons who will be signing the Lease as “Resident”; the term “Occupant(s)” in these criteria means the person or persons who are authorized Occupants under the Lease.  We will not accept any application or lease in a company or corporation’s name unless it is a company that has been approved by the owner, completed the Corporate Rental Application, signed a Corporate Lease Rider and Occupancy Addendum. Nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute a guarantee or representation by us that all Residents and Occupants currently residing at this community have met these requirements.  There may be Residents and Occupants who have resided at this community prior to these requirements going into effect.  Additionally, our ability to verify whether these requirements have been met is limited to the information we receive from the various reporting services used. 

conducts all Applicant screening on their secured network.  All sensitive/credit information you supply is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.  ApproveShield implements a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information.  All transactions are processed through a gateway provider and are not stored or processed on ApproveShield servers.

All Applicants must submit all documents to Approveshield within 48 hours.  Applications AUTO-CLOSE if required documents are not received within 2 business days.  The day the application is entered is Day 0. 

Applicants must login to their ApproveShield portal using the secured link sent to their email or text to:
  • Confirm their Identity,
  • Sign and date their Authorization, and
  • Upload all Required Documents.
Contact ApproveShield by logging into Upload Portal and clicking the “Communication Bar” to send a message.  For assistance that cannot be resolved using the in-app communication feature, call 972.559.4730 extension HELP (4357).  Bi-lingual applicants, please dial extension 4642.

Subject to applicable laws, Applicants are required to meet the following criteria:
Applicants must physically present in person at the management office and upload to the secure ApproveShield portal a:
  • valid state issued photo identification card for each person ages 18 or older, such as a state issued driver’s license or state issued identification card (US Passports are not accepted); or
  • completed Additional Supplemental Rental Application for Non‐US Citizens with a US Visa or non-US Passport verified by the most current I-94. 
Identification scanning technology and a name match may be used to validate all forms of identification presented.  After submitting your application, additional information may be needed to verify your identity.  You may receive an email with instructions on verifying your identity, which may include a single-use authentication code sent to your cell phone.  This process is time-sensitive and will need to be completed within the required timeframe.  By submitting a valid, state-issued photo identification, Applicant agrees that a copy of the photo identification may be kept in Applicant’s application or lease file and used at any time to confirm Applicant’s identity.
Applicants must collectively have verifiable income in an amount not less than three (3) times the monthly rent payable by the Residents (not including any applicable monthly concessions).  Personal bank statements are required with each option below (pdf format only, screenshots are not accepted).  Business bank accounts are not accepted to validate personal income.
  • Account Balance Validation liquid funds must meet the requirements and one most current full personal bank statements (pdf) - bank statement always required AND
    • Account must contain liquid funds totaling not less than three (3) times the annual market rent amount
    • Guarantor:  Account must contain liquid funds totaling not less than five (5) times the annual rent amount
    • Liquid funds may include a checking account, savings account, 401k (vested amount only), broker's account, or retirement account
  • Employed-or-Started New Job: 1 most current full personal bank statement showing payroll deposit(s) – bank statement always required AND
    • 2 current & consecutive paystubs
    • Note:  For a recent job change (fewer than two paystubs) – must provide offer letter AND first pay stub(s)
    • Not accepted:  Cash, Venmo, Zelle, or similar non-verifiable cash apps not accepted as verification of income (see self-employed option)
  • Offer Letter:  1 most current full personal bank statement – bank statement always required AND
    • Offer letter with effective employment 30-days within of lease start date & on company letterhead
    • Note:  Offer letters will be independently validated with employer’s HR department
  • Self-Employed:  one most current full personal bank statement – bank statement always required AND
    • Tax Returns – 1 most previous years filed 1040 tax returns (filing will be independently validated with IRS)
    • Not accepted:  business tax returns not accepted as personal income
    • Not accepted:  W2, 1099, Schedule C, or similar non-verifiable filing forms not accepted as verification of income
  • Other Income Source:  one most current full personal bank statement/benefit statement showing benefit deposit(s) – bank statement always required AND
    • Government benefit or income assistance letter/statement on official letterhead & dated recently OR
    • A statement of annuity account payment showing regular annuity income dated within the last 30 days OR
    • Retirement/Pension:  benefit document on official letterhead or 2 current & consecutive pension/retirement paystubs OR
    • Financial Aid statement from official Institution listing amount awarded for living expenses above & beyond tuition/books/fees & dated recently
Additional Income Requirements:  Applicants who do not have verifiable income in an amount not less than three (3) times the monthly rent may be declined or required to meet the additional income requirements below.  Applicants who do not meet the minimum income requirement may submit supplemental income from a liquid funds account (cannot be an account direct deposit goes into) for consideration.
  • Those with verifiable income of 2.75 – 2.99 times the monthly rent may be approved if they:
    1. provide an approved Guarantor, or
    2. pay an additional deposit equal to one (1) month’s rent, or
    3. purchase deposit insurance through our provider, Deposit Insure.
  • Those with verifiable income of 2.74 times the monthly rent and below will be required to have an approved Guarantor.
Guarantor:  If a Guarantor is required, the Guarantor must meet the credit, income, and identification criteria.  Guarantors are required to have verifiable income in the amount of not less than five (5) times the monthly rent payable by Residents (not including any monthly concessions if applicable).  Guarantors must pay a $100.00 non-refundable application fee and submit a signed Resident Qualification Acknowledgement and Guarantor Application/Lease Contract Guaranty.  Since the Guarantor is not a leaseholder or occupant, the Guarantor will not have access to the apartment.
Qualification Document Verification:  We reserve the right to use a third-party service to verify the authenticity of any qualification documents you supply with your application.  In the event we are unable to confirm the authenticity of documents provided or the qualification documents are not received in the format and by the deadline required, the application may be denied.
We obtain a credit report on each Applicant.  An unsatisfactory or insufficient finding may result in denial of the application or the requirement to have an additional deposit equal to one (1) month’s rent.  Applicants are responsible for ensuring their credit history is accurate.  A history including foreclosures/bankruptcies that are over 7 years old will be considered with an additional deposit equal to one month’s rent if all other qualification requirements are met.  Applicants with an unpaid debt or outstanding obligation to a current or previous landlord may result in denial.  An unsatisfactory or insufficient credit history is one that includes but is not limited to: 
  • an unacceptable credit score,
  • no credit, little or no tradelines/accounts,
  • large amount of debt,
  • credit freeze/fraud alert,
  • past or current bad debts,
  • late payments, unpaid bills/accounts,
  • repossessions, collection accounts, liens, judgments, or
  • bankruptcies/foreclosures. 
Applicants must give their current landlord a Notice to Vacate.  The grounds for which a rental application may be denied include: 
  • no proof of current and previous rental history and/or no proof of home ownership,
  • late and/or NSF payments,
  • evictions/skips,
  • community disturbances,
  • damages or outstanding obligations to a current or previous landlord, including an existing lease contract for which the expiration date is 30 days or more beyond the move-in date for this community and/or a notice of intent to vacate has not been submitted to the owner/management. 
Applicants who do not meet the rental history requirements may be declined or subject to the requirement to satisfy outstanding obligations to a current or previous landlord and/or have an additional deposit equal to one (1) month’s rent.
A criminal background check will be performed on all Applicants and Occupants over the age of 18 years. 
  1. Applicants will be denied if convicted of the following offenses (or similarly classified offenses in jurisdictions outside of Texas):
    • Murder
    • Capital murder
    • Indecency with a child by contact
    • Aggravated kidnapping
    • Aggravated sexual assault
    • Aggravated robbery
    • An offense under Chapter 481 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, for which punishment is increased under:
      1. Section 481.140 of the Texas Health and Safety Code; or
      2. Section 481.134(c), (d), (e), or (f) of the Texas Health and Safety Code, if it is shown that the offender has been previously convicted of an offense for which punishment was increased under the aforementioned subsections
    • Sexual assault
    • Injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual, if the offense is punishable as a felony of the first degree and the victim of the offense is a child
    • Sexual performance by a child
    • An offense under Section 15.03 of the Texas Penal Code, if the offense is punishable as a felony of the first degree
    • Compelling prostitution
    • Trafficking of persons
    • Burglary, if the offense is punishable under Section 30.02(d) of the Texas Penal Code and the actor committed the offense with the intent to commit a felony under Section 21.02, 21.11, 22.011, 22.021, or 25.02 of the Texas Penal Code
    • Any offense where the offender used or exhibited a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony offense or during immediate flight therefrom
  2. Applicant(s) will be denied if receiving a reportable conviction or adjudication, as defined by Article 62.001 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (or similarly classified offenses in jurisdictions outside of Texas) or any other offense which requires offenders to be registered as a sex offender.
  3. Applicant(s) will be denied if convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substances as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act.
  4. Applicant(s) will be subject to being denied if convicted or subject to deferred adjudication for any felony (or similarly classified offenses in jurisdictions outside of Texas) not listed above if the incarceration, probation or deferred adjudication period was completed within 10 years from the date of application.
  5. Applicant(s) will be subject to being denied if convicted or subject to deferred adjudication for any class A misdemeanor involving illegal drugs or weapons, violent crimes or crimes against property (or similarly classified offenses in jurisdictions outside of Texas) if the incarceration, probation or deferred adjudication was completed within 5 years from the date of application.
The owner of this community reserves the right, at owner’s discretion, to reject the rental application for any other criminal offenses or accept Applicants who may have had a criminal history of the above-referenced offenses where the sentence was completed years prior to application.  Consideration will be given to the nature, severity, and recency of an individual’s conduct.  Additionally, if an Applicant is subject to being denied under our criminal history policy, the Applicant may provide written evidence of any mitigating factors that should be considered.

The following occupancy standards apply:
Floor Plan Type Occupancy Limit
(when only adults reside in the apartment)
Family Occupancy
One Bedroom Two adults per apartment/townhome No more than 3 persons total, but no more than 2 adults
One Bedroom / Study or Flex Two adults per apartment/townhome No more than 3 persons total, but no more than 2 adults
Two Bedroom Two adults per apartment/townhome No more than 4 persons total, but no more than 2 adults
Two Bedroom / Study Two adults per apartment/townhome No more than 5 persons total, but no more than 2 adults
Three Bedroom Three adults per apartment/townhome No more than 6 persons total, but no more than 3 adults
  • For the purposes of this occupancy policy, a “family occupancy” shall refer to a group of individuals that consist of the following persons: one or more individuals who have not attained the age of 18 years being domiciled with: (1) a parent or another person having legal custody of such individual or individuals; or (2) the designee of such parent or other person having such custody, with the written permission of such parent or other person.  The term “family occupancy” shall also include any person who is pregnant or is in the process of securing legal custody of any individual who has not attained the age of 18 years.
  • Additionally, notwithstanding the foregoing, except for the occupancy of a one bedroom, whenever two adults are permitted to occupy an apartment, a third adult will also be permitted to occupy that apartment if the third adult is a parent, grandparent, son, daughter, or sibling of another adult occupying the apartment.
Every Applicant (every person who will be signing the lease as Resident) is required to buy and maintain a Personal Liability Insurance policy with a minimum of $100,000 coverage per occurrence that covers the actions or inactions of you, your Occupants, and guests.  To satisfy this requirement, you must provide evidence of insurance coverage on or prior to the Lease Start date and maintain this coverage throughout the entire term of your residency (see your lease for additional details).  The policy must have: 
  1.  Every Resident’s Name
  2.  The Apartment Address
  3.  The Policy Number
  4.  The Insurance Policy Start and End dates, and
  5.  “The Emory” listed as an “Additional Interested Party,” “Party of Interest,” and not listed as an “Additional Insured,”
  6.  Mail your proof of insurance to:
          The Emory c/o Entrata Insurance Agency, LLC
          PO Box 477
          Lehi, Utah 84043

Resident Insure, a premier provider of renter’s insurance, will provide our Residents with an insurance policy that meets these requirements and can be purchased in 5 minutes or less by calling 1.877.577.9850 or going to  You are strongly encouraged to buy additional insurance that covers you and your personal belongings. 
No animals (including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, rodents, amphibians, arachnids, and insects) are allowed, even temporarily, anywhere in the apartment or apartment community unless we have given written permission.  If we allow an animal, you must sign an Animal Addendum for each animal.  No more than two animals per apartment.  A fish tank of not more than 25 gallons is allowed. 
  • Acceptance of all dog breeds not listed are subject to owner’s approval.  Dog breed restrictions include but are not limited to:  Pit Bull Terriers / Staffordshire Terriers, Chows, Rottweilers, Akitas, Mastiffs, Doberman Pinschers, Wolf Hybrids, Presa Canarios, Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherd, American Bulldog, and any restricted breed mix. 
  • An animal deposit, non-refundable pet fee, and pet rent may be required for each animal. 
  • Dog owners are required to collect a swab sample of your dog’s DNA and pay a one-time registration fee (see the office for details).
We require all leaseholder(s) to complete an animal screening conducted by an independent, third-party pet screening vendor for all animals at the community.  Based upon the animal screening results, your animal may not be allowed to reside at the community.  There is a nominal fee for a household pet screening Pet Profile. This is a separate charge from the rental application fee.  There is no charge for an assistance / service animal accommodation request and no charge for a “No Pet / No Animal” profile. 
  • Reasonable accommodation requests should be submitted through the third-party pet screening vendor for review by their legal team to ensure the accommodation request meets the FHAct guidelines.  Breed restrictions; size, weight, and number limitations; fee, deposit, and rent requirements do not apply to qualified assistance / service animals. 
We comply with all applicable fair housing laws including those that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other legally protected classification or status in the jurisdiction in which the property is located.  We will consider requests for reasonable accommodations and modifications in accordance with applicable fair housing laws.
We are concerned about your safety, but we cannot provide it or guarantee it.  No security system, patrol, or electronic security device can prevent crime.  Do not rely upon any community security devices or measures, including but not limited to, intrusion alarms, access gates, keyed or controlled entry doors, video cameras, off duty police officers, patrol services, or other such devices or measures, for your security.  If you would like to be informed as to the crime statistics in this community’s geographic area, you may contact the local Police Department.
You agree to provide us with a working email address where we will send Resident communications.  You understand and accept that we may collect, retain, use, transfer, and disclose personal information, such as the first name, last name, email address, and phone number of you or your Occupants in the unit.  We may collect, retain, and use that information, or disclose that information to third parties to, among other things, (a) operate the Property; (b) provide services consistent with the Lease; (c) refer you to third parties that provide products or services that may be of interest to you or your Occupants in the unit; (d) collect debts; and (e) conduct and analyze Resident surveys.  Please review the privacy policy of the owner’s authorized agent at the time of residence for a discussion of the treatment of information during your lease.  By providing an email address or cell phone number, you consent to receive communications regarding marketing materials, promotional offers, and your application status via e-mail, voicemail, calls, text, and/or any other means. You acknowledge and agree that this authorization is made voluntarily.  The permissions and consents granted herein apply to the owner of the community and the owner’s authorized agents/representatives, including its property manager, and will continue even after your lease expires, the owner of the community sells the community, or the property manager no longer manages the community.
Original rental rate quotes will be honored for two (2) business days.  The rental rate quote is associated with the apartment home’s availability at the time of your quote, move-in date, and lease term requested.  Any changes to the time of the quote, your move-in date, or lease term may require a revised rental rate quote which may result in a different monthly rental rate.
All up-front fees, deposits, and rent due are required to be paid in certified funds for Applicants who will take possession within 7 days of the application date.  If the move-in date falls on or after the 25th of the month, then the pro-rated rent for the first month, plus the following month’s full rent, will be due in certified funds prior to move-in. 
  • Applicant(s) are subject to being denied if any payment for the Application fee, Administration fee, and/or Deposits are rejected, returned, or unable to be processed.
  • All forms of payment must be in the name of the Applicant unless management has written authorization from the cardholder or bank account holder.  We have the right to verify with the cardholder/bank account holder that it was an authorized payment.  If we are unable to verify this, the Application may be declined, and all funds will be retained by us as liquidated damages.
Any falsification, misleading, concealed, or inaccurate information provided on the application and/or submitted documents automatically disqualifies the Applicant or Occupant.  Giving false information, falsifying documents, and/or falsifying identity is a criminal offense punishable by a jail sentence and fine.  We cooperate with local, state, and federal agencies in their investigations.
Applicant information is evaluated against the qualifying criteria as listed in this document.  Should your application be declined for identification, income/employment, credit, animal, criminal history, rental history, occupancy, or internet search reasons, and you have questions or wish to dispute the findings, you may contact the providers listed below.
  • ApproveShield is the application screening provider for this community and retrieves public records, credit reports, income verification, and rental history records.  You may request information related to your application and/or dispute communication at any time by contacting ApproveShield via email ([email protected]).
  • ApproveShield uses Equifax FICO 9 to retrieve credit reports. You may request information related to your application and/or dispute communication at any time by contacting ApproveShield via email ([email protected]). 
  • Applicants wanting a copy of their full screening report can email [email protected] and request a File Disclosure
  • provides animal screening services.  Email [email protected].
  • If, after an initial dispute review, an Applicant is still subject to being denied pursuant to these criteria, the Applicant may appeal the possible denial by submitting a written request with supporting documentation of any mitigating information beyond that contained in the Applicant’s record to [email protected].
Applicant acknowledges receipt of these criteria and agrees that the criteria referenced above will be considered in the qualification process, including, but not limited to, identification validation, income/employment verification, unsatisfactory or no credit, criminal or rental history findings, residency address information, public records, exceeding the maximum number of Occupants per apartment home, restricted animals, inability to meet additional requirements of application results, providing misleading, concealed, or inaccurate information, and adverse, subpar, or unverified information.  Signing this acknowledgement indicates that Applicant had the opportunity to review these rental criteria.  If Applicant does not meet the rental criteria, or if Applicant provides inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent, concealed, and/or unverifiable information, Applicant’s application may be rejected, and Applicant’s application and administrative fees will not be refunded.